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Taking a few other's leads, I have decided to write a stream of consciousness post. Just writing my thoughts with no editing, no research....just my simple thoughts. Or should that be simply my thoughts? Whichever....many of my thoughts are just that...simple.

I love the Beatles! Listining to them always changes my mood. Which, by the way, has been at a bit of a lul. I've been shocked by the images flowing out of words can describe.

I'm getting nervous for Miss J's first gymnastics meet this weekend. Is that normal? I hate feeling the fluttering sickness in my stomach. I recently asked an older gymnast's mother if I will ever stop feeling sick in the pit of my stomach....she assured me that I won't. AWESOME! Gymnastics is a sport of hurry up and wait. Hurry through your warm-ups on one aparatis to hurry to another, only to wait for your turn. Hurry from rotation to rotation, but wait and wait for your turn to go, and then wait some more while the rest of your group competes. During all of those waiting periods I am as a cucumber (well maybe not that cool, but close), but for those 30 seconds to 3.5 minutes that Miss J is competing,! Having my eye behind the lens of my camera helps the nerves to some extent. Which reminds me...I need not forget my new monopod I recently purchased.

The weather has been unseasonably warm. Nice for being outdoors, but making a mess all over the sidewalks and streets. I'm wondering if the street department will ever swing by to attempt to clean the slushy mess that is being created before it refreezes and forever is ice. The answer to that is probably no.....they won't be by until the next storm dumps 2 or 3 more feet of snow on top of that slush that will surely then be ice.

My Grandmother is going to join us for Miss J's meet this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised when she accepted our invitation. After all she wouldn't get home until after dark. What is it about after dark that makes being away from home unacceptable? My Grandmother is 83, still drives, still bowls in a league, and is an all around fab lady. I guess she's earned the right to live life as she sees fit. She's always done it that way anyway!

Ok, I know I said that I love the Beatles, but a hour later, Paul McCartney's voice is getting on my nerves. Time to switch tunes....Bread seems just about right. I love their mellow tunes. And just because I like to be rebellious, maybe Nickelback should be next! HA! How about that for variety!?

I'm out..........

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