Gymnastics, Changes & Life Lessons......

We've been busy. So busy in fact that the last thing I've felt like doing is updating this blog. We have put on 1500 miles, give or take, traveling for gymnastics meets so far this season. It does not sound like an extreme amount of windshield time....unless I add that we have only been to three meets. Three meets down, four more to go.

This season has been a little off, for lack of a better term, for many reasons, most of which I won't bore you with. However, we were slapped with the announcement from our team director/girls' head coach that he would be resigning to take a new position at one of Minnesota's biggest gyms. After 18 years, he was making the most difficult decision he has faced to leave our the middle of the season.


were (maybe still are)


Miss J cried for a week. I cried for a week. This is a person, a coach and mentor, in my daughter's life that, in effect, spends more time with her during the week than Gym Dad or I do. He is the only coach she has known since she was 3. Not to mention that I consider him a personal friend. Devastated!

I hate change. Some people crave it. I avoid it like the plague and opt for the comfort and security of a set structure. I like gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Being her mother's daughter, Miss J is terrified of the changes that are certain to come. I have had to learn to step outside my norm and rely completely on my faith. Faith that we will hire a new coach...the right coach. Faith that our gym will continue to grow. Faith that there has to be an opportunity in this garbage dump of a situation.

I've had to rely on my faith...believe in my order to make my daughter believe that it will be ok. Life lesson learned!

We will miss James greatly and wish him nothing but the best. This was the job opportunity of a lifetime, he couldn't turn it down.

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