Chicago...........the band......not the city.....

Since I was a small child music was prevalent in our house. My parents were products of the 60s and rock was the genre of choice. I attribute my love of classic rock to the many hours the turn table cranked out The Doobie Brothers, The Moody Blues, The Guess Who, Bread, and the like. One band in particular was everyone's favorite....Chicago. Currently I think I own every Chicago album and song ever written.

Recently my mom, dad, Miss J, Sister K, and myself packed into the car and headed south to Stillwater where Chicago was to perform at Lumberjack Days. It was hotter than Hades in the park and we waited for what seemed like an eternity, but the show was one of the best I've seen. They did not disappoint performing for over two hours. After over four decades on the music scene they have not lost their spark and it is evident why old fans stay loyal and the band has gained a new generation of followers.

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