New man in town.....

Carter Jay Yonke was born on Friday, October 30, 2009 to beaming parents Jason and Kari Yonke.

Kari and I go way back....way back to the "good old days" of Franklin Middle School. I remember meeting her the first day of 6th grade, the very first day of middle school. Her last name started with a K, mine with a L. Our lockers were close to each other as were our seats in many classes. We have been partners in crime ever since. Our daughters have grown up together, gotten in trouble together, and are certain to be in need of close supervision as teenagers when they're together.

We traveled to Fargo on Tuesday to meet the newest addition to the Yonke family. He couldn't have been cuter. Gym Dad and I were taken by surprise when we were asked to be the Godparents to this special little man. We couldn't be more honored. I cannot think of a greater gift than to be given the opportunity to create a special relationship with this child. It is a true testament to our remarkable friendship. My cup runneth over.......

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